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Dynamic fees of Blockchain startup fees to save money on the transaction



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The potential technology of blockchain ‘one trick pony designed for investors’ set the objective to create cutting edge technology for fast transaction and deliver the services for real people and it is usually believed by the Blockchain startup.

The entire system of the ecosystem of ARK generally built around encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through the user-friendly platform. Further, the company also said that its team also determine to make everything ease for the customers into blockchain by developing some beneficial products and tools and it will help to increase the awareness and knowledge about the opportunities that are offered by the blockchain technology.

SmartBridge is another feature of ARK that helps to enable the blockchain to interact with any other popular network which includes Ethereum and Bitcoin. To assuage the fear regarding security, the company also state that “continuous risk analysis and internal recurring penetration testing is constantly being carried out.”

Overall, at last the company hope to make blockchain creation and adoption as easy as making a website with the help of WordPress.

Hardware, desktop, and mobile wallets

In addition to this, the ARK believes that easy to use wallets are its main strength and it paves the way for fast transactions. Syncless helps in the fast transaction and make it compatible with all ARK blockchain and can be customized with the plugin for fit users. For the added security of the transactions, the company build Ledger Nano hardware and make sure that all customers can get its advantage.

The network resolve by being ‘one of the fastest in the industry’ with the block time that completed in just eight seconds, as per the ARK statement. Because of the congested systems, a major hurdle to cryptocurrencies becomes more popular in public circles that can create the risk of delay in the transactions. Sometime after the ARK believes that it has to manage great things to protect themselves against any issues when it comes to scalability in the future.

Through the SmartBridge functionality, it is also able to offload the non-essential function to hundreds of parallel chains on the platform. Therefore, the team of ARK believes to enhance the scalability of the pave in such a way that helps to keep the ARK blockchain fast and lean.

The dynamic fees of the ARK network are termed as another concept of the company. All this will make the ARK as the very first DPoS which is usually based on the blockchain and helps to achieve the feat. In short, all this means someone who needs their crypto in a hurry can easily jump to the front of the queue by paying little higher fee and in addition to this when someone watch their pennies can easily pay less for their transactions for more time when they want and have to wait for little longer to complete the process. The speed with which the transaction is processed will depend on the number of clients are willing to make the payment.

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