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The next upgrade of Zcash to make private transactions



The Zcash’s core differentiator, transactions are computationally so much heavy that most of the users and exchanges cannot support it. Heralded as a privacy breakthrough in the crypto community, the shielded transactions run a kind of cryptography which is named zk-snarks to obscure the transaction data. On October 29, a new upgrade is predicted to activate and it is considered as a improvement if the usability of the protocol in all over but for the use of these privacy will enable transactions.

Since its launch in 2016, the dubbed Sapling, the hard fork upgrade has been the primary focus of the Zcash Company, and it is found responsible for the development on the cryptocurrency.

While speaking to the gains, the CTO of the Zvcash Company Nathan Wilcox also told to the Coindesk that “The Sapling protocol will allow shielded transfers to be completed with about 100 times less memory and probably six or more time faster.”

Eventually, this will usher in an era of the “privacy-by-default” as per the thought of the developers. In addition to this, Wilcox said that “We hope to see a migration toward shielded Sapling adoption, and as that migration continues we hope to transition to privacy-by-default when the time is right.”

Diversified and light                                                          

Saying Zcash without the Sapling code changes “is just too inefficient and too cumbersome.” In addition to this the Wilcox also said that the ability to support light customers will be huge for the cryptocurrency.

These are typically customers working on the mobile device, which do not have as much storage space or computing power as laptop or desktop computers. But still, these clients would not just appear during the activation day. Instead of this, it will require some development work, for example, if not coded carefully, some light clients can reveal great transaction information to its wallet host.

Later, he told Coindesk that “our goal is to make a light wallet that has privacy protection even against a service provider.” In addition to this, he also told that “The goal is for us to design a whole all round Sapling specifically and make sure that we can have the usability and the privacy work really well together.”

A turnstile audit

In order to take the advantage of the upgrade, users need to migrate funds from the earlier version of the zcash and dubbed Sprout, into a new Sapling address and give a move which will reveal user funds.

Further, Wilcox said that “It’ is actually done intentionally because there is always the possibility that the Sprout ceremony was compromised.” As such the company is also run this turnstile audits that during the Sapling migration. Toward this goal, the Zcash Company is also releasing a migration tool and urging users to wait some time and until this tool has been completed before migrating their funds. In case all users migrate using the tool, the overall privacy will be better and because the actions of individual users are merged into one flow.

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