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Altcoin is acceptable as first payment by 500 games



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Altcoin is accepted by a major gaming platform and has been considered as the “made for gaming” where it is being described as good news for players and developers alike.

MobileGo (or MGO for short) a company which aims to provide help to content creators, market titles and monetizes has been picked up the Xsolla. This collaboration specifies that the cryptocurrency is now available for use in generally more than 500 games with 500 million plus players that get the chance to buy the titles and use the altcoin for in-game purchase.

The founder and CEO of the Xsolla said upon adopting the ERC223-complaint token and explained that “Owners of MGO will soon be able to engage in peer-to-peer match play and organize decentralized gaming tournaments in a way never before possible.”

He further explained his statement that “MGO is essentially the Bitcoin of the gaming industry, the most trusted cryptocurrency that Xsolla is making available to more than half a billion gamers today.”

As the part of the deal, some of the developers will also be able to elect to have royalties from Xsolla that generally paid them in MGO “on a sliding scale percentage of their choice.” It is usually explained by them that both platforms say this arrangement is in reaction to an increasing trend where all the digital entrepreneur are transferring their savings and retirement investments to the blockchain.

Level up

In the present days, the number of players is increasing toward the gaming and Xsolla says that new games are being added to this platform day by day and it also claims to operations in usually more than 200 countries and territories. Now, MGO presents an option to the users alongside the 130 currencies and 700 payment methods.

The ultimate goal of MGO is to become a universal currency for almost 2.6 million gamers which are distributed into the whole world. After that, the company y also hopes to increase their level of fairness when it comes to the tournament and follow different examples where players in eSport events do not receive their prize money.

Through the currency, it wants to make it easier for the players to get their funds quickly without having jump through the endless hoops and also want to reduce the chances of any fraud. In addition to this, it is also hoped that the introduction of MGO will give benefits to the developers financially and helps to boost their business. whereas the can wait for weeks or months to receive royalties but the Xsolla says that the developers will be able to get paid in MGO in as little as 60 hours and it makes the process of payment easy as the request are going to be processed three times a week.

In addition to this, the company wants to play an important role in removing the centralization from gaming which can mean that the players have no say in the rules and they can lose the opportunity to establish the tournament on their own will.

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