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Investors are ready for good projects Despite Downtime



According to the Bing Lin, a venture capitalist former head, the market is in downtime and the community will still support nice projects with a big future. He is popularly known as the former hedge fund manager who also manages fund up to USD 2 billion. At present, he works on his recent project SuperNodes Community (SNC) that has a specific aim “to democratize the traditional venture capital (VC), model.” The model will give permit to the participants beyond the traditional VC network to access a large number of promising strup, according to the Lin.

Within the second quarter of the next year, the company hopes to be ready to make his investment in his first startup. Later, Mr. Lin Also talks about the project such as who can participate in it or how it works as well as the current investment space in it.

How are the VC space changes due to initial coin offering?

There is not much change in doing business with the VC industry according to my opinion. This is why our business model is quite unique and different from others. It helps to keep the managers and investors relations in dynamic constant condition so that both of them do good job together. Although the market is in downtown we make sure that the community will support good projects with the big future.

Can you describe more about yourself and your project?

I have an MBA from Harvard and I have been a fund manager for almost 16 years. my background is in investing and a few years ago, I took an interest in blockchain. I also think that this is a technology with great potential to disrupt various industries. I created the project because I can see the inefficiencies there which are based on the previous experience.

How your system is different from traditional VC approach and how is it different from what we have seen with ICOs?

The traditional approach of VC will go through a centralized management system. At first, you have to identify the deals via your own contacts and then on the road to about in deals. There is also a limit that how much shows you can see in per year. In addition to this, the entrepreneurs have to deal with their personal connections and need to travel a lot to meet their incubation investors. The general public does not get the chance to see anything that goes on there and that’s why we have to use blockchain to make a community where every person can vote.

What do you VC colleagues say about the idea of SNC?

We are not competing with them and our team really focus on the incubation stage that cut out all information inefficiencies for a better sense about what is going on and you need to choose a good project for better support. So, we do get some better from VCs that want to be part of the SuperNodes to get better information flow about the latest updates that are going on in the industry.

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