The Sandbox Games Announce 3rd Land Presale Round

Ethereum users will soon be able to take advantage of another non-fungible token technology blockchain-based game.

The Sandbox (TSB), a mobile development game with over 40 million downloads, revealed on March 12 that they would hold a third presale of virtual spaces of the game— called LAND — beginning at 1:00 PM GMT on March 31st.

TSB has quickly grown into one of the most popular blockchain games on the market. The game’s first presale was in Dec. 2019, selling over 3000 pieces of LAND in 4 hours. On February 16, TSB announced the second presale which sold 6,192 parts, bringing in 800 ETH, or about USD 206,000.

What’s in the third presale? 

TSG has a total of 166,464 pieces of LAND, which means that approximately 5 per cent of the available inventory was already sold in the first two presales. The Sandbox has told prospective buyers that there will not only be more LAND available but at a substantial discount:

“The Sandbox’s new presale round will contain 10% of the available supply for sale in our metaverse meaning a total of 12,384 LAND parcels available at a 20% discount.”

This presale covers thousands of individual plots. LAND sales are to be made using ETH or DAI.

Therefore, according to the amount purchased, “ESTATES,” variations of LAND shares, will be discounted between 5-20%. Many of the desirable spaces will also be included in the giveaways: up to 10% of the parcels reserved for LAND.

Big surprise yet to come from The Sandbox

This presale round is the third and final for The Sandbox later this year, before its planned launch. The game, however, prompted a major discovery soon to come:

“Although we are yet to reveal all the partners that will be joining us for this presale round, we have prepared some big news… A giant of the gaming industry is coming to The Sandbox, and it will resonate in the entire blockchain industry.”

The second presale’s biggest buyers included CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, Old Skull Games and

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